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Welcome to The Bird Place - the bird lovers paradise! 

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We have the largest variety of birds, cages and related products in South Australia. 

Stocking up to 4000 birds, in over 100 different shapes, sizes and colours.

Come in today to speak with our experts and experience the personal, caring and professional service that can only be found at The Bird Place!


About Us

We are South Australia's largest bird and cage supplier, specialising in exotic and common birds. We have over 40 years of experience and are known for our cleanliness.

The Bird Place (Emblem Aviaries) opened over 40 years ago, and was run by Bob Turner and his son John. John has been running the business for the last 15 years. Everyone is surprised at how large the premise is as it is located at the back of a house. As you enter we have a variety of large patio cages which vary from macaw down to budgies. Outside we then have our aviaries with a wide range of birds from finches and canaries to black cockatoos. We also have an area for bird accessories such as bird hammocks, seed containers and nest boxes. From there you move onto our bird room where you will meet our friendly staff who will be able to assist you with a purchase or some friendly advice.

We are situated at 95 Holbrooks Road Flinders Park. You will see our sign out the front and we are open 7 days a week. Our business is wholesale and retail. We purchase a variety of birds from breeders and dealers throughout Australia. 

Helpful Tips...

Do not feed your birds avacado, pineapple or chocolate!

Come to The Bird Place today and consult our friendly staff regarding diet for your bird!

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