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Feeding Information

Click below for information about feeding your baby bird:

The feeding of baby lorikeets

The feeding of baby sun conures, eclectus, alexandrins and Indian parrots

The feeding of baby budgies, cockatiels and princes parrots


Bird Worming

The worms that may be seen in cage birds are Roundworm, Caecal worm, Thread worm, Gape worm and Gizard worm. The worms live in the intestine and the eggs are shed in the faeces to reinfect the same bird or other birds by direct contact with the faeces or by an intermediate host. When infected with these worms a bird can show a variety of signs from a "poor do-er" to diarrhoea to death. It is often assumed that if a bird is alone in a cage it won't get worms. The problem is if other wild birds visit while the cage is outside they may bring worms in their droppings. Insects (grasshoppers, cockroaches & earthworms) are the intermediate hosts of many worms so if your bird/s is exposed to these they may get worms. When treating birds for worms with any wormer it is important to thoroughly clean the cage at the same time to prevent immediate reinfestation from a contaminated cage. We recommend that you worm caged and aviary birds every 3 months.   

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