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Get to know the bird lovers at The Bird Place who together provide you with over 50 years of passion and experience!

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John Turner The Bird Place owner
John Turner

The Bird Place Owner

John took over full control of the business in 1997 after the passing away of his father Bob, who was in his time, the leading bird dealer in Adelaide and highly respected throughout Australia. The business has followed the family theme of an excellent range of birds, an extensive array of accessories and cages, plus ongoing friendly service. It consists of a birdroom containing 54 display cabinets, 28 outside aviaries and 2 covered-in areas, one containing a huge display of feed, accessories and toys and the other a great variety of cages and aviaries suitable for single birds or small colonies, all in a garden setting. The business caters for the single bird owner up to the enthusiastic collector and John is more than happy in obtaining specific birds on request. He provides a great range of hand-raised birds and is dedicated to providing after sales service to customers, whether they buy a canary or a macaw and prides himself on the cleanliness of his premises.  John invites old and new customers to drop in for a look around and a chat.

Bird Aficionado

Cassandra has been working at the Bird Place for few years, Is a 3rd generation bird lover and bird keeper. She hand-raises a variety of birds.

Cassandra will be able to assist you with questions you may have about buying and caring for a tame bird as a pet, and any other queries you may have.

Cassandra The Bird Place
Cassandra - The Bird Place
Bob Turner The Bird Place
Bob Turner

Founder of The Bird Place

Bob Turner was the founder, owner, manager and operator of The Bird Place (Emblem Aviaries). He started the business in 1967 with the help of his family. Buying and selling Australian and foreign birds and exporting to all states in Australia as well as retailing locally. His knowledge of Birds was enormous, he was enthusiastic and always concerned for the well being of the birds. His love for birds started at a young age as a hobby breeding budgies and finches. As business progressed in 1988, he ventured back into his ex-hobby breeding exotic and Australian parrots, with great success. Birds were his great love until he died in 1998.

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